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Slicing Software

Post by jeffroig »

Wanted to find out if anyone else has run into the same thing.
Using Cura you load your model and then setup all your parameters.
Upon doing so it tells you how long it will take to print.
When printing anything past 10 hours it is not correct.
Several prints have said 11 or 12 + hours but actually they are taking much longer.
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Re: Slicing Software

Post by lrdsatyr8 »

Every slicer program you use will never come up with an accurate printing time regardless of which one it is. The reason why is because the calculations can't take into account the various minut settings every different printer has for things like Jerk, Acceration, Wipe, Coast, etc. These minut settings add up over the print time and depending on the complexity of the model you're trying to print could add lots and lots of time to the calculation that Cura or any other slicer will give you. If you're just printing a box or a simple shape, the time estimations are pretty spot on, because the printer doesn't have to make alot of different moves. It's when you start printing things that have complex geometry where the calculation is completely thrown off because of all the various moves that the printer has to make to get in all the little details. I basically recommend this little piece of wisdom when trying to figure out how long a print will take. Take the estimated time and add 25% to that and you'll be in the ballpark. It won't be perfect but you'll be alot closer. Hope this helps.
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