Doga-L1 japanese 3d designer freeware

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Doga-L1 japanese 3d designer freeware

Post by Cellulo »

Doga-L1 is a free japanese 3d designer for making low poly project animation and design 3d objects, just add 3d parts already created from 3d library list and make your robot or spaceship, you can also make little animation with Doga-L1 but the goal of this topic it's that we can use Doga to import 3d objects inside trueSpace 6.6 for fast game development, don't worry Doga is in english and very easy to use.

You must go at this page and download these two files "dogal1_806_setup.exe" , "dogal_701_bg_setup.exe" and "dogal1_701_806_update.exe":

Install in this order dogal1_806 and after dogal_701 and the last dogal1_701_806_update, launch Doga-L1 and select "Design a object" and go in the menu Part==>Add Part or push the Ins key to see the 3D objects librairy. After it's easy choose your favorite 3D parts and make your robot or spaceships, you can arrange 3D parts ( move scale etc...).

When you are happy with your 3d object, select all parts and export them in DXF format, launch truespace 6.6 and select import DXF format, don't forget to go in the DXF format settings and check only "center object" before to say Ok to import, after you can see your object in truespace view but the import is not perfect some face are reversed it's easy to fix ( it's normal problem :) ) go in the icon mirror tool with holding left mouse button to choose the tool "Flip all normals of object" and your faces problems are gone, sometimes after the import in trueSpace you don't have the same colors object like in Doga maybe it's converting DXF issue, it's not a big problem the mesh is clean but not the color. i think it's easy to fix in the material menu.

It's a way i find to make fast spaceships or robots, i hope is useful for you.

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Re: Doga-L1 japanese 3d designer freeware

Post by gregorybryant »

Thanx for sharing it. Very interesting thing
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