In The Hall [Animated] (1995), trueSpace 2

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In The Hall [Animated] (1995), trueSpace 2

Post by Poikilos »

This is a set of videos that I made in 1995 and only have because they were on a VHS tape. It is just a set of animations, mostly demonstrating features of trueSpace 2. PGS (the animated logo at the beginning) stands for Power Graphics Station, the made up production company name from when I was under 18.

Years later, I decided to remake the ship in Blender and use it in a WIP remaster of pylaga. You can see them by clicking on the "bship" and "cship" images at the following link:

Play on Google Drive
Please link to this post, not Google Drive, since the upconverted one will replace it eventually.


[unreleased] 2015-10-30
- Transfer from VHS using Panasonic Consumer DVD Recorder DMR-EZ485V
- Replace music with public-licensed music (The video also goes along with In The Hall of the Mountain King by Edvard Grieg, not included, but the new song seems to make more sense for a random set of scenes. The title "In The Hall" still makes some sense since it ends with a curtain).
- Add credits.

How I Made This
  • The warping animations were done using animated deformation lattices.
  • The paint on the floor for the blob becoming a circle was done using trueSpace 2's 3D paintbrush tool (the projection paint tool). There is also face paint such as in the PGS animation at the beginning.
  • The funnel and fluid was not an actual water simulation. It was done using deformation lattices.
  • The water under the crocodile-like humanoid monster was done with animating the bump map or animating some bump map setting.
  • The 2D warping and transitions were done using Ulead MediaStudio Pro 5 or so.


3D Modeling & Animation
Jake Gustafson (Poikilos)

Monster Designs
Steven D (clay prototypes)

Canyon Photo
Digital Stock(R)
from Digital Stock Catalog & Demo Disc 1.1
2000 Photographs (CD-ROM)

Maps & Procedural Texture Generator by
Caligari(R) (trueSpace(R) 2)
Projection and Polygon Painting,
and 2D Overlay by
Jake Gustafson (Poikilos)

"Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney 'Trance Turnabout!'"
ReMixer: DigiF
Composers: Masakazu Sugimori, Naoto Tanaka (for Capcom(R), 2005, NDS)

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Re: In The Hall [Animated] (1995), trueSpace 2

Post by bitkar »

that looks supercool... i hope you have something that cool but more recent
Michal aka bitkar
tS freak since tS2 (1998) and forever (tS7.61 modeler)

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