Generations [Animated] (1995), trueSpace 1 Rube Goldberg and Short Animations

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Generations [Animated] (1995), trueSpace 1 Rube Goldberg and Short Animations

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I recently found an original recording (I think) VHS when I only had copies before. Storage wasn't cheap back then, when I was in high school. I remember getting a free upgrade from 200MB to 500MB HDD or so, and that being an amazing deal from Micron. They made the change since they were upgrading that on the model number around the time we ordered it. We got a 1GB Jazz Drive but I overwrote it a lot since even that was small for video editing. The Jazz Disc and HDD from my first PC was eventually trashed, so there is nothing surviving other than VHS and a few images and short videos I can post later. This video may be trueSpace 1, but maybe 2. If you suspect it is later due to any differences, let me know and I'll correct that.

This video is from about 1995.
Play on Google Drive

Known Issues
- I have a professionally upconverted version but haven't edited it yet. I have uploaded the one that is ready just to get my artist folder started.
- Link to here rather than to the Google Drive link to avoid breakage. I plan to put the high quality version up at a different location.
- What looks like a flagpole during the fade in the Rube Goldberg is supposed to be two separate radio antennas, a transmitter and receiver. I may edit that part to show it more clearly, such as showing them side by side and making animated "waves" like a wifi symbol.


[unreleased] 2015-10-29
- Transfer using Panasonic Consumer DVD Recorder DMR-EZ485V
- Replace music with public-licensed music (The video also goes along with the first 1m40s of the Star Trek Generations Overture by Dennis McCarthy, not included, but the new song actually fits better in some places).
- Add credits.


"Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine 'Blobby Blob Disco'"
Composer: Masanori Hikichi, Masayuki Nagao

"Chain Reaction" (Rube Goldberg) Blueprint
Dustin B

Delicate Arch Animation
Adam C
(Corel Photo Paint 3.0)

Photo from Digital Stock Catalog & Demo Disc 1.1
2000 Photographs (CD-ROM)

3D Animation and Video Editing
Jake Gustafson (Poikilos) ~1995
(frame painting for toaster & radio transmitter: Corel Photo-Paint 3.0)

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Re: Generations [Animated] (1995), trueSpace 1 Rube Goldberg and Short Animations

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wow, that is neat for that age and tS1! a bit sadistic, but cool :D
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