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Post by trueBlue » 12 Aug 2012, 00:44

iResCon for trueSpace is a series of plugins which allows you:

Play, capture, filter your videos and bring them into 3D Space, or use motion detectors to interact with your scene

Show your 3D Scene through your website in realtime and allow people to interact with it. Or set your scene to send emails directly from trueSpace

Bring to your scenes reality reflection and interaction through set of external sensors

SiProgs was established in 2004 as an independent development studio located in Prievidza, Slovakia. SiProgs is a small company involved with home and building automation. Our emphasis is on computer „independance“, with our goal to make this automation easy for everyone to use, without having to be a computer or technology expert.

Even iResCon continues in its own way as a security and automation system, some parts were written in the Rosetta system on which trueSpace is based. We have contributed to trueSpace actually since 1996, which is before SiProgs company was founded. We believe it is a great platform not only for 3D, but for interaction for all.

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Re: SiProgs

Post by froo » 12 Aug 2012, 03:24

Sweet trueBlue.

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Re: SiProgs

Post by Tiles » 12 Aug 2012, 10:56

Yeah, the release of those plugins sunk a bit in the dramatic times when Caligari announced that tS gots abandoned ...
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