OBJ Importer/Exporter Plug-in Oddities

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Re: OBJ Importer/Exporter Plug-in Oddities

Post by Steinie » 15 Jul 2011, 23:46

Jason, drum roll please, tatatatatatatadadadad...
IT WORKS! :bananalove:
Thank you so much for trying to make this one work properly!
I will test out other things but I feel confident you nailed it.
Thanks for your time and effort!

You might want to remove the other versions posted here if other users tell us it works for
them also.

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Re: OBJ Importer/Exporter Plug-in Oddities

Post by froo » 16 Jul 2011, 00:15

I am glad it works.
Thank you very much, Bob, for testing it! :) :worship:

I will remove the older versions. If no one finds any other problems with it
I will remove the older versions and post this one in its own thread. Also
would be good to add it to some plugin websites.

Phew. I was a little worried about the texturing bit.

Thanks again!


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