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1000 Viajeros - Motion Graphics done in Blender

Posted: 09 Jun 2016, 21:15
by Draise
1000 viajeros - Motion Graphics - 01

A motion graphics produced along side another 1 minute motion graphic of similar style and quality. Both were done within the month - including preproduction, sound and screenwriting.

1000 viajeros - Motion Graphics - 02

I made these maybe a year and a half ago for a travel Agency here (AND I don't know if I've published these here yet) - it was a top secret work as they were going to launch it later in time. They took nearly 4 months to pay me the total price, which had me haggle them. I had to threaten them with legal actions and everything, after going to their office many times, sitting there, calling, writing, being patient, being angry. I tried everything. I learnt a lot on how to deal with that kind of situation. I might have lost them as a re-occuring client for being annoying (but apparently they had a huge fallout on their staff who quit for the same reason) - so I was the lucky ones that actually got paid.

Well a year later, I get a person who worked for them shows my video - and may ask for more later just this week. It's good to know they remember my work, as I DID deliver this on time, unlike a lot of my work, hahahaha.

I had a friend purchase a vector motion graphics pack for After Effects, converted them in Inkscape and added my personal touch to the design, then animated and rigged the 2D sprite characters in Blender. I did a crash course in Blender shaders and basic rigging and animation, and did it. These are practically all 100% Inkscape and Blender productions. My friend found royalty free music, and another did the voice talent (I paid them well) and it turned out quite nifty. It was a good project to do, with the GLSL viewport AO rendering and everything. So.. it has a quick turnaround, still took me a month to do both videos.

Something I do remember was the parenting system in Blender. It really was confusing - as I had NO idea how to change the pivot or centers of objects interactively.. I got so used to trueSpace or Softimage.

Another thing I learnt.. was WHY U HAVE NO MODELS BLENDER!?!??! It's all with scenes!??! I make a rig, and have to save it as a scene, and "append" the scene to the current scene I'm working on. WTF!?!??!?!?!?!

Another thing I found in Blender though - it is beautiful to be able to work on multiple scenes in the same file.. that is AWESOME. Confusing at times, but REALLY handy.

Also, the addon Animation Nodes is super awesome.

Re: 1000 Viajeros - Motion Graphics done in Blender

Posted: 10 Jun 2016, 19:35
by v3rd3
Great job.... I love the way you maintained that energetic pace through the piece.

Well done.