Production Proposal WIP - Softimage ICE

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Production Proposal WIP - Softimage ICE

Post by Draise » 09 Jun 2016, 16:35

Produciton Proposal WIP - Softimage ICE

This is a short little introduction and summery of what I have been working on lately: a dynamic production proposal data flow system.

I started it in Excel, found I didn't get the dynamic scalability I needed. Started the node data flow in Blender with Animation Nodes, found it not very optimized, so decided to build it with ICE in Softimage.

The great thing about building this system is the ability to later create Motion Graphics with said data.
I have tested out my system to calculate a small motion graphics project, and it works! It saves me so much time and helps me calculate costs that are based more off reality. Beautiful. It is starting to make quotations fun.
So yeah! That is a bit of what I have been working on lately, other than completing another animation for North Bayou (the Screen Stands). The clients were happy, though I have to add a couple of things and do one fix.

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