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Draises Layouts

Posted: 11 Nov 2014, 06:18
by Draise
My new Default Layout, with Clinton's, Stans, Froos and TrueBlue's latest plugins, well most of them - the ones I liked the most. It also includes my own. I have added multiple new toolbars, as I prefer to have them without diving into submenu's to get to the important bits - and it this is relatively close to the default layout. So now this is my personal default.


Still gotta tweak it - add a new Omni light I found in my archives - add some extra toolbars, keep things clean and organized. I will try also to put in Stan's cool layer system, but till then I'm using Clinton's Layers 3.

There are many other little tools I need to create buttons for, as they are not actually existent, but oh well!

As much as it takes to organize and get the interface JUST right (without getting it messy) - and as hard and time consuming that is - it's really worth it.

Now, to save off my toolbars, and put them into the other default layouts.