GEAR auto riggin addon for Softimage

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GEAR auto riggin addon for Softimage

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GEAR rigging addon for Softimage
GEAR is an opensource rigging and animation toolset for Autodesk Softimage. It includes a modular rigging system to easily create rigs for any kind of character.
Check this out, a free opensource plugin made by Jeremie Passerin, a TD and Rigger. He has developed this addon over the years and has seriously earned my respect and honors. :worship:

This plugin quickly integrates all Softimage elements of rigging into a quick modular system. It's fast to learn, and fast at making the perfect rig you need, with controls for Squash and Stretch, envelope and weight memory export and import, a quick and easy rig setup, and some clever preset rigs. It relies heavily on Python, and it is required to have it installed on your system.

(This plugin will save me A LOT OF TIME)

Instruction for installing Python onto your system:

Link to a Quick Overview Video Introduction:

A Rough Start:

After installing Python, running the script and setting the PYTHONPATH system variables then installing the addon into Softimage 2012, proceed with the following:

1. To create a quick rig, first open the Character>Guide Tools panel from the Gear menu in the Main Toolbar in the stop of Softimage.

2. From there, create a template rig, or proceed to step 3.

3. Begin creating a control hull, then parent it with another control hull. This will be your base and body control. Then from the body control, create a spine. You are placing reference controls that will help the scripts build your rig.
If you chose a template, position the reference points to where you need them, and skip to step 5.

4. From there, according to how you want to parent your chains, create new parts of the rig, from spines to legs, to feet, to tails. Some have unlimited joints, others are limited. Some have options for FK or IK or both, and all have free modiability.

5. Once you have your skelaton, you can go to Charachter>Build From Selection from the root object of your guide rig, and the script will build you a new rig, with squash, stretch, FK and IK and even a schematic view (oh and the option for slider or control driven parameters and expression.) What a time save!

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