UV unfold in Softimage

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UV unfold in Softimage

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The Unfold tool of Softimage rivals those of Maya and 3D max, providing powerful tools to add cut lines, seams, and unfold UV options on the fly. Along with a powerful UV editor, setting UV maps in Softimage is easy.

1. press "M" to enter the Point Edit mode.
2. press and holding the "shift", select and add edges.
*you can select an edge loop by holding "ALT" then pressing the MMB onto a corresponding second edge.
*to change the view, press and hold "S" and LMB to rotate the view. "S" and MMB to scale the view and "S" and RMB to track the view.
*to get rid of edges, press and hold the "CTRL+SHIFT" key and then select the edge.
3. Once you have all the edge loops ready, navigate to the Unfold menu and "Add to Cutlines"
4. Once you have added the cutlines, "Unfold and Pack".
5. Press "ALT+7" to open the UV editor.
6. Under "Uv's" select the "Unfold" UV set and enjoy the new unfolded UV texture.
7. If you are happy, you can freeze the UV and export the model as FBX, OBJ or X to your favorite application.

When you apply a texture, you can assign the Unfold UV map to the material to enjoy it further.

For more information, you can visit below (these are tutorials I studied):

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