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Re: Some of my renders

Posted: 14 May 2010, 02:12
by ranger0101
Beutiful Work Wigand... :)

I assume you are using V-Ray.. :?

I would love to see some tutorials
on your process...


Re: Some of my renders

Posted: 14 May 2010, 15:13
by Wigand
Thank you all.

Maybe I will show how I did my diamond :D

My wife has an own website because she is a book writer.
At Chrismas time she used to have a Christmas calendar with 24
(so called) windows. these windows are linked to a detective story
in 24 parts. The readers could guess who is the bad and win something.
Some calendar pictures are made by me.

Now we want to change her website to a 3d library to show her different
kind of books.

I am not only using Vray. I think the lamp is done with lightworks
because Vray is not able to show glas.
English is not my language, so I am not the best choice to make
tutorials. But if you have a special question, please ask.