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MMC 2010 Jan - Supended City Hall

Posted: 04 Jan 2010, 13:14
by LeonRegis
Here is a building I'm creating for the Suspended City Project, and Steinie said that I can also put this on the MMC so this is the start, really simple yet and with windows missing, also I need to put more details and a little garden. I used 1 hour and 30 min.

You can also accompany this project here: ... f=50&t=989" onclick=";return false;

Re: MMC 2010 Jan - Supended City Hall

Posted: 08 Jan 2010, 00:52
by LeonRegis
Almost finishing this, more two or three days! Yup! :superbanana:
I read Steinie talking that I can use pre-made trees (thank you, it's really hard to do it, I even don't know). So I'll pick some trees and plants and put in vases that I done. Also I'll try to do grass and them put it on a base and take three angles (They need to be in just one image or can be three images? For high resolution...)

Here is my progress of today (Yeah I do all of this today, I was doing the AMC in previous days), when I finish it I can start putting all my energy on the AMC!

PS: I know that there is a problem (the top stays black) I'll correct it, also some parts are still untextured, and I'll start the dirt time (add dirt to make more real)