Wizardly Works in progress!

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Wizardly Works in progress!

Post by W!ZARD »

Hola Amigos!

It's been a while since I did much work with trueSpace and only recently have I installed it on my windows 10 machine. trueSpace is still buggy and glitchy as it ever was, temperamental and challenging to work with just like any creative eccentric genius! But what a joy using it tS with Windows 10 - when it's working well it works really well providing a quality of service and response I only dreamed about back in the last century.

Building 3d stuff is such fun and I've been having a blast creating some new models. My abilities with 2d texture work (I use the GIMP) have advanced in leaps and bounds and I've been getting a lot of satisfaction from creating my own textures from my own photography.

I'm not sure where this project is going but it is coming along slowly in conjunction with a proposed music video I want to create using combined live footage and tS generated background elements. It's a big project and I think I'm finally at a stage where I can create something I'll be happy with, both in terms my 3d skills and my musical abilities.

You guys here at United3dartists have been instrumental in assisting me to get to where I am so I want to share with you some of my progress as this work develops. With that in mind here are a couple of images illustrating where I'm at so far.
This first pic is a photo of yours truly in a tS generated scene demonstrating the idea of live action with a CG background. Obviously if I can do it with a single image I can also do it with a series of them to create video. I use a very cool program called HitFilm for compositing the different picture elements and special effects, smoke, lightning
colour grading etc.
Dome esticity03.jpg
This second picture is a 'beauty shot' of my recent tS modeling work rendered with Vray. I rendered it this evening and just added the tree as an experiment - it made the render a bit longer than I would have liked but still so fast compared to 'the old days'. :)
Lots more modeling to do yet but I'm pretty pleased with results thus far. I'm particularly pleased with the stained glass in the windows. Those of you with keen eyes will recognize the character Bob standing inside the building as a guide to scale. The 1024 pixel limit on the image size is a bit limiting but you'll get the general idea.

I hope you enjoy this peek into what I'm doing and I'd appreciate any feedback you guys might like to offer.
Cheers and all the best

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Re: Wizardly Works in progress!

Post by Finis »

W!izard! W!izard!

W!zard is here! How did this go unanswered?

Great pictures. Give an update on the music video.
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Re: Wizardly Works in progress!

Post by FHembree »

Thanks for the tip about HitFilm_Express. Just downloaded it and anxious to experiment with it.
Always like to experiment with free software. Looks like it has some cool features. :)

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