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Re: Finis - U3DAC - Jan. 2016 Star Wars

Posted: 13 Jan 2016, 19:39
its an eye -pod...... :)

Re: Finis - U3DAC - Jan. 2016 Star Wars

Posted: 13 Jan 2016, 23:57
by Finis
He has three eyes now. "Eye-pod" :lol:

I spent a long time learning to paint textures in Hexagon. I learned that Hexagon is not a good tool for that. Here is one with the saber ball, creature, and Jedi. I decided not to rig the creature in Daz since I'd rather learn to do that in Blender, I want to make a humanoid creature to be the Jedi, and I should put the time on more practical things. A humanoid creature can be auto rigged in Daz. I think I'll change the textures to a simpler more cartoon style like the early scene. I like that better.

Re: Finis - U3DAC - Jan. 2016 Star Wars

Posted: 14 Jan 2016, 18:37
by Draise
Woah, if I wasn't so behind on my music video working hard at it - this would be some hefty competition I'd love to play against. Great work, really capturing the vibe.

Re: Finis - U3DAC - Jan. 2016 Star Wars

Posted: 17 Jan 2016, 00:58
by Finis
Thanks Draise. I hope more people enter the challenge. I wasted a lot of time giving him a minimal rig in Daz. That will be my last attempt to rig in Daz. Posing will make his stance less symmetrical but I didn't need it for the image. I also didn't learn anything about Blender. Probably, even though Blender is hard to learn, rigging is better there. Daz is not easy or well documented. The rigging messed up the UV's. I'll try to correct that. I had a 3 second movie of him opening and closing his mouth while moving his head and leg but it is too big to post. I don't have a Vimeo account yet. I won't log in to Youtube again except to remove my stuff because google owns it now. If I can't log in now with only my anonymous pre-google login then I won't.

Steinie authorized using a Daz base mesh as a start for sculpting a humanoid creature. I think that can be mostly autorigged. If so I'll make a Jedi creature. Otherwise it is this creature and the saber ball since the jedi is currently a Daz character.

Re: Finis - U3DAC - Jan. 2016 Star Wars

Posted: 17 Jan 2016, 01:21
by Draise
Eh? Google owns your content?! You can put all your videos on youtube as CC, creative commons. They legally wouldn't be allowed to own whatever you upload. I read the terms of Vimeo, they aren't that great either..

I started rigging in Blender. It's pretty straight forward. Was the easier thing to learn.

Expressions and shapes, now that is a little tricker.

Re: Finis - U3DAC - Jan. 2016 Star Wars

Posted: 17 Jan 2016, 03:40
by Finis
Working on your job? At least one of us is acting like a responsible person. I hope your customer is pleased and you make money.

Terms? That's just the tip of the iceberg. Google's evil is boundless. The last time I logged in at youtube it was almost impossible without giving them a sample of my poop and an imprint of my teeth. I was very disappointed to see that Vimeo has google ads. Now Vimeo is turning into youtube with pirated films and such being posted. At least I haven't seen videos of people playing video games there.

Messing with Daz rigging took some of the fun out of this. I'm not enthused now. If the UV problem with the rigged creature is easy to fix great. Otherwise using the unposed one and make a Jedi creature.

Edit: I have learned to to send a base figure to Hexagon, sculpt it, and return it to Daz as a morph. Now to sculpt a creature to be a Jedi.

Re: Finis - U3DAC - Jan. 2016 Star Wars

Posted: 20 Jan 2016, 19:08
by Finis
Alright, I got Scorb rigged in Daz. Still doesn't do IK movement right. Might re-rig in Blender. Now to make a Jedi creature.

Re: Finis - U3DAC - Jan. 2016 Star Wars

Posted: 21 Jan 2016, 23:48
by Finis
Edit: I'm going on a different path for this creature so suggestions for this specific one not needed now. General humanoid Jedi creature ideas appreciated.

Here's my humanoid creature so far. He should replace the human Jedi in the current picture. I'm stuck. Don't know where to go from here. Suggestions?

I'm going for the practical effects, things glued to an actor, type of creature. You know, human-with-a-funny-head we see often in Star Wars and other sci fi. So I've extended stuff from the human form but not into it. Ha! Using CG to make a practical style effect!

Less human jaw is needed. Head frill is too big or not the right thing? Since I'll make clothes and boots for him if there is time I might not do much to the body. Maybe armor plates like the Thing from Fantastic 4? That could look good and would modify most of the base. Considering extending his side muscles (latisimus dorsi?) to frills. The arms and legs need something. I'll leave the feet alone, maybe resize, so boots will work better. He will get a non-human color and bump or displacement map skin. I'd do hair or fur if using Blender.

He needs a name. Ideas?

Steinie authorized using a Daz base mesh to do a creature but I want to be clear about what I made from scratch and didn't.
- Light Saber Ball from scratch
- Scorb creature from scratch
- Jedi creature starting from Daz base mesh
- Terrain made in Bryce

Re: Finis - U3DAC - Jan. 2016 Star Wars

Posted: 22 Jan 2016, 06:25
by Finis
Messing around. I put a bunch of my old stuff in there until I had trouble rendering. Rendered in 16.5 minutes with just the GT 640. I have a GT 610 also which runs the screen so I can dedicate the 640 to rendering while the cpu and 610 let me do other things. The card had no trouble. This scene took 1.1GB of its 2GB and its temp stayed low. The limit came from the computer memory. During the first 3 or 4 minutes the cpu and disk usage would peg at 100% and the memory usage would climb to almost all of the 8GB. Odd things or crashes would happen sometimes until the cpu, disk, and memory use dropped.

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Jealous Trish is of my force power hmm?
Star Wars episode 17. Return of the awakening of the revenge of the empire of confederated republics.
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Re: Finis - U3DAC - Jan. 2016 Star Wars

Posted: 22 Jan 2016, 22:28
by Finis
The new Jedi humanoid creature. He will mostly be covered with clothes so I didn't do much on the body. Still intended to represent practical effects of gluing things to actors for creatures. Not much time before the challenge but suggestions welcome.