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Re: Finis' Experiments and Scribbles

Posted: 04 May 2019, 00:30
by Finis
Help create a story. What are your ideas for this?

It is a Christmas CG video where toys come to life. What I thought of so far is:
- Toy train carries Christmas things like presents, decorations, or whatever. It moves through a room with opened presents, Christmas tree, decorations and the usual furniture.
- Villainous Vic, action figure, is doing something to derail the train.
- Jedi Tevu, action figure, (from this picture viewtopic.php?p=48527#p48527) sees this and cuts a hole with his light saber in the side of his box/packaging.
- Tevu approaches Vic and uses the force to undo Vic's preparations to derail the train.
- Vic approaches Tevu menacing him with a candy cane. Tevu activates his light saber and vic runs away.
- While Tevu works clearing the tracks Vic prepares another obstacle elsewhere.

... Then what? What are the obstacles? How does Tevu save the Christmas train?

Since it is a video Christmas card the end should have "Merry Christmas" and the recipient's name. I want that to be spelled with toy alphabet blocks with some falling into place to spell the name. That should happen with the safe arrival of the train. How to get there from the above?

I would also like the three legged creature from the picture in this. What could he do?

I'll kit bash things from my other CG projects to be toys.

Re: Finis' Experiments and Scribbles

Posted: 16 May 2019, 16:28
by Finis
So no ideas for the story above.

I looked for a free terrain generator that can be used for commercial and private projects. There is Bryce. I found that Blender's ANT landscape generator is pretty good. It's not Vue or World Machine but it can do some good things. It can make a vast and detailed terrain if you have a very powerful cpu or a lot of patience. It can transform the terrain between flat and spherical. It has many methods to produce terrain and features like erosion. Will look for documentation to learn more about it. Here's a quick planet.

Re: Finis' Experiments and Scribbles

Posted: 08 Jun 2019, 01:26
by Finis
Steinie wrote: viewtopic.php?f=3&p=54726#p54726
I turned on your microphone and recorded you singing in the shower. Unless you pay me 0.4123164 bitcoins I'll post the singing to your MySpace page. :lol:

It is time for my annual inferno hike. There's no inferno. It's cooler than most years so I'll try to reach Lost River for the dunes hike.

Re: Finis' Experiments and Scribbles

Posted: 08 Jun 2019, 14:20
by jamesmc

Re: Finis' Experiments and Scribbles

Posted: 13 Jun 2019, 04:19
Look into the ne terrain editor called Gaea!
There is a free version and its open for commercial
what I remember !

Re: Finis' Experiments and Scribbles

Posted: 19 Jun 2019, 17:08
by Finis
Thanks Rayman. I'll look at that.

Re: Finis' Experiments and Scribbles

Posted: 20 Jun 2019, 03:48
by Dragneye
If it ok, some thoughts...
- since its Christmasy/holiday theme, the characters should appeal to young children, so maybe they should look quite young.
- how about the elves riding the train as 'security guards'.
- when I read the original post I got the 'Dasterdly n Mutley' look of the villain in my head (Mr. Dasterdly).
- the villain might tie candy canes to the tracks creating a derailment. (cuz they curve away at the end)
- the whole thing shouldn't be too violent since it's a festive theme.
- the ending to the villain's deeds might be the hero dowses the villain with water, which freezes him in the cold. - Maybe the ending is it starts to snow right before they throw the water... the choo choo going away from camera into the distance as the frozen villain is left behind
- the rock character is stuffed into a present box - "Look Johnny, we got you a pet". Lil Johnny opens the box and is surprised. "It's a Pet Rock!"

Re: Finis' Experiments and Scribbles

Posted: 21 Jun 2019, 16:31
by Finis
Although there are very few people here now days it is disappointing when not one can offer a little advice or imagination for a story. Fortunately, here is Dragneye to fill that empty void! Thanks!

Dasterdly and Mutley. Hmm. A cartoon style could be best. Easy textures and fast rendering too.

Yeah, action but not violence since it is for a festive occasion. That's why they threaten with candy cane clubs and light saber but there is no fighting. It is not for kids or not only for kids. It is a video Christmas card for family, friends and such. Must be kid friendly though.

Johnny? Humans? Non-toy character? Hmm, what if at the end Johnny's hand reaches down, clears the track and picks up Vic? What does Tevu do then? It is like "Deus Ex Machina" ("god from the machine") where a superpower fixes everything.

I like the idea of elves, or other toy characters, on the train but since I'm just beginning in character animation (this is also for learning that) I'll just have two characters. Maybe Three Legs too.

Candy canes to derail the train? That provides something the Jedi can mostly clear with his telekinetic power but some are hooked in the tracks which keeps Tevu busy while Vic builds another obstacle. Also provides the cane for Vic to threaten with.

Ice! That could be interpreted as killing Vic but he could struggle to show he is just trapped. Freezing and water present interesting CG challenges. It is indoors though so not cold. I want the action figure toys scenario but a story with outdoor decorations could have freezing, snow, etc.

Three Legs could lumber around moving things and knocking stuff over in the background. The second obstacle could be letter blocks. That way clearing the obstacle also creates the customized message. Tevu could tie or mummify Vic with ribbon or gift wrap paper (Jedi telekinetics again). Then he tries to clear the track of blocks but they are too heavy for his Force or to move physically. Three Legs moves the blocks from the track which pushes some into a stack of blocks. The stack falls and spells the message. The train passes safely and stops at a toy train station in the near background.

Suggestions, advice, ideas?

Re: Finis' Experiments and Scribbles

Posted: 22 Jun 2019, 04:53
by Dragneye
- Can keep it all inside so only requires one scene.
- How abt the final shot is Cam panning backwards, the scene is 'under the tree', the train passing by, (whoever) throwing out the presents that land under the tree, as snow falls in that lil area instead of the whole living room
- someone steals the presents?

Two points - doesn't give the Christmas vibe - how abt your main character (imitating a 'wisemen') pulling your rock (horse,camel), walking towards a lit area (back lit; we don't see it as the manger(?); keeping it neutral for PC bs). It's at night (less details to create/creates mood/sticks to the original story; the light source for the scene is hidden behind the structure, but lights your characters). Close up of guy breaking a big smile as he looks towards light. Next shot he bends down to offer gifts.

Why not keep it simpler - the train passes by Cam as your character is throwing presents under the tree? The snow falling in that small area, Cam pan back and all stays the same. - You are setting yourself up for a lot of work if you want action scenes.
- Or how abt the exit of the train tunnel freezes over (timelapse)...(mood turns to quiet)... and then we see the shape of a snowflake cut into the frozen ice, then your guy riding the train comes busting thru, laser in hand, throwing out presents.

- the presents can each have a letter. Shot of guy throwing the presents. Next shot is the presents piling up into the phrase.

Fin, its the summer drought we face every year with participation. I feel ya buddy, but don't sweat it.
That said...
YEAH!... Finis is right!

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Re: Finis' Experiments and Scribbles

Posted: 23 Jun 2019, 10:58
by Finis
Here is my latest computer graphics animation.