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Purpose, Rules and Informations

Posted: 06 Oct 2009, 22:07
by LeonRegis
You may be wondering, why this?
Well, I'll give everything I have that is good, ie, my models and maybe some textures.
Now the because of that: As everybody know, I love this community and it's good help it in most ways is possible. I also don't use my models for commercial means and I know that is bad when you need to create a whole new model that don't appears much in the scene or is far away from camera.

Copyleft: It's the oppose of copyright, so you can use it on anything you want and you can also modify it, you just need to give the credit to me. And if you modify it post at the section about the upgrades. Other thing is that if you use it in some commercial work let me now and show where the object is, just for curiosity. :D

Any comments on the comment section.


Posted: 21 Oct 2009, 16:06
by LeonRegis
When I post a model I put 3 basic informations:
Which soft is used: I usually use Truespace 7.6, but there is several creations that I did in 3.2 and saved in 7.6.

Problems or no: If there is any issue or bug in the model or scene, I use no probs if there is no problems and when the model has one, I explain to see if anyone could solve.

Type: In some of these I put if is a HD (Highly Detailed) or a Illustration (Looks like the real things but not is totally equal).

Texture: If the model is already with textures, I use light works (LW) and normally don't put any image. When it is poorly textured is that the texture is not looking realistic but is there...

Released on: If is on .cob or .RsScn, depending of the model is better use just one of these, like in a textured for LW.


For now exist just 3 series:
WW2 - Things from the World War 2, created primarily for the MMC, but now I quit the MMC and will do it by myself. You can follow this series on the WIP: ... 0&start=40" onclick=";return false;

Star Wars - Old models that I did, so don't expect anything new for now maybe in the future.

Our Space - Sooner I can I'll start developing a lot of scenes to the OurSpace, I already have one ready to finish, but I think is better create more to then release all together and cause more impact. :D


PS: Always comment anything in the comment area, to make those threads cleaner is possible. Thanks