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Post by DesignDevil »

Hello guys,

i'm so sorry. I had not the time to finish my animation for the contest. Reasons:

- i was deseast for about 2 weeks
- small family "problems" ... well baby's ;)
- my mother is here to visit us :roll:
- i had to much to do

To the last point ... to much to do ... i can show something. It is not a 3D Animation but it is a animation. I have done this for a good friend of mine who creates the cool music for my animations. He asked me to create a music video for him and i could not say NO - so, here is the result:

I don't know if this video would be allowed for the contest but if not - no problem, rules are rules. Will the best be win and i try it again in the next contest.

best regards, DD
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