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Re: VRay...

Post by First Light » 23 May 2009, 00:45

Prodigy wrote:"(the author of V-ray)?"

NUP... Chaos Group is the right one..
http://www.chaosgroup.com" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
Hi Prodigy,

Thanks for catching that---I must have had a momentary mental infarction. :) V-Ray is the product of Chaos Group. The company I cited is just a distributor.

I did a bit more digging and did turn up one vendor who appears to be sellling V-Ray 1.5 for trueSpace 7.5 still. The vendor is Design3Dpro (http://design3dpro.com/ssl/product_info ... 91920c8f60" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;) and they are charging 200.00 EUR. The only way this would be legit (I think) would be if they are simply selling off their remaining inventory since there are no more new licenses for V-Ray or trueSpace 7.5x since the availability of trueSpace 7.6 and the cancellation of Caligari's license with the Chaos Group.

If anyone does go looking for V-Ray (and I hope someone will contact the Chaos Group and report good news) be careful to look for version 1.53. It is the latest version that was released and it fixed a number of bugs that plagued the renderer when used with trueSpace 7.6. If you're still using trueSpace 7.5x then V-Ray 1.52 or 1.51 should work fine. You can find V-Ray 1.53 on a number of torrent sites but these are all illegal and violate the Chaos Group's copyright.

Finally, one more renderer to consider is 3delight with Dribble. When you buy a $35 license for Dribble, you get one free license for 3delight. It's available from the author at CoolPowers here: http://truespace.coolpowers.com/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;. I've never used it so I can't offer a recommendation other than to report that others have found it to work very good once they managed to get its awkward licensing scheme to work.

Best regards, First Light

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Re: VRay...

Post by Jack Edwards » 23 May 2009, 08:34

First Light,

Don't forget that we now have a free add-on that interfaces with YafaRay:
http://www.yafaray4ts.org/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

No booleans were used in the mangling of this message... :?

YafaRay for trueSpace Project

(Current version: v0.7.0)


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Re: VRay...

Post by robert » 23 May 2009, 15:29

There is also an indigo renderer exporter.
http://forums1.caligari.com/truespace/s ... stcount=35" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

And Peter's favorite... Kerkythea!
http://kerkythea.net/joomla/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

For Kerkythea you have to export your scenes and apply materials in Kerky.
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Re: VRay...

Post by Darkstone » 23 May 2009, 18:54

Thunderstone wrote::bananatyping: okay... I'm so glad that TS isn't going away just yet. I still have to learn the interface. Just have to sit still and go thru the video from start to finish. It's not exactly intuitive for a noobie like me. :oops:

Just realize that trueSpace and I share the same initials: TS :lol:
Yes. I agree with you. With TS3 through5 I just started using it without the manuals, but with TS7.6 I suddenly found there was a whole bunch of stuff that didn't seem to make as much sense. They had packed a lot more in - so I guess that is part of the issue, but the interface just didn't seem to flow s smoothly (with respect to movement and navigation) and it was suddenly harder to find the functions that I used to use, but by the time TS7.6 came out I had also been using other 3D environments - and spent a lot of time building in SecondLife - so my perspective and expectations had seriously changed. SL is the reason I never got into TruePlay - there just was/is not a comparison between the two environments with respect to performance and scale.

Of course, TS is aiming for a much higher resolution experience, but it is amazing what a competant builder can achieve in SL in a fraction of the time it takes even in TS - within the confines of what SL does. And TS used to be fast compared to some others.

What I would really love to be able to do is to export a build from SecondLife into TrueSpace for detail finishing and high quality rendering - thus using SL for the rapid basic construction stage and TS for the more intricate work, and the effects that just cant be done in SL - like Hi rez organics.

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Re: VRay...

Post by MikeNTX » 23 May 2009, 23:09

I have wondered something for sometime about VRay for tS. I have v 1.53, or pretty sure I do, but I wondered how the whole trueSpace-VRay worked. Was the version we use a special version of VRay just for tS or the standard VRay? Also who did the upgrades and bug fixes for it. Was it Chaos or Caligari programmers that did this? That said I wonder if we can get updates from Chaos group or would they even have anything that would work with Ts now?


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