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Hosting applications...

Post by RAYMAN » 25 Dec 2018, 17:00

In the other thread we had the question on whether TS is still relevant enough or not! Well for me it isnt the right question!!!

The question..or the quirk is different!
TS is no longer a good hosting application!
The market is constantly evolving! What can be done on a desktop computer nowadays is simply overwhelming!
Ts is still good at modeling and texturing.... so are apps like Carrara ..or ones built for that purpose like Hexagon..Silo..just to name a few!
But the real question is.....
Whats good at hosting nowadays!!!!!?????
Blender isnt has its limits but its usefull and good enough for very very many cases!
The big players for hosting... today are Clarisse...Houdini..for.procedural....Vue stream.....C4D..... Lightwave is still pretty good but old.....!
There are good ones that are 32 bit and old but still usefull like Bryce 7.1 Pro! ... Daz is pretty usefull Blender for the masses isnt bad....! All the others are niche or not been used anymore!
Then there is the games engine crowd..or realtime....Unity...etc.

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