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Using Apps and using Blender..!!!!

Posted: 15 Feb 2018, 21:02
In some ways I dont get it.. that I always see people use software.. like U either use this or that..!
Blender and some addons are good for some things...cycles is good....there are great merrits of the software..but by no means does one have to use software to its full own!
Use what gets the thing done!
Start to think around the corner.. start to do kitbashing.. start to combine things in a different and better way!....
Start to squeez out every drop of what software turns up with! Use instancing even for modeling purposes.. and clever model parts distribution!

Re: Using Apps and using Blender..!!!!

Posted: 16 Feb 2018, 10:43
by bitkar
i usually use things that are easy/friendly to use. So its not pain in the ass and its pleasure to work with - those where the job is done quick and hassle-free. tS is very good in that. So even some minor pains wont make me stop using it. Its still worth it. So usually prefering one software makes things easy even when there is some other software you can use for a particular stuff.
ofc i would use Vue or something if i need to make a landscape or some face/human creator to make one, etc.
You have a point, but it needs to be a good blend of comfort and "getting the job done" and being used to it (which speeds up things alot)

Re: Using Apps and using Blender..!!!!

Posted: 16 Feb 2018, 14:30
by Draise
Yeah.. my workflow involves Softimage, sometimes trueSpace, Bforartists, Unreal Engine, Machstudio Pro2, Krita, Inkscape and other smaller software, including select things, oh and a myriad of addons: Gfur for UE4 (my fav), Animation Nodes (Blender), Matlib (Blender), GEAR_MC (Softimage), and many others.

I think the question is about "what skill will you master?" and that will often depend deeply on how able you are in the software.

Re: Using Apps and using Blender..!!!!

Posted: 21 Feb 2018, 15:50
by BNG
Sadly, I've never found Blender a productive application at all. I spent more time scratching my head on how to get stuff made then actually making stuff in Blender. I don't use even use Truespace anymore, but if I decided to starting modeling again then I would easily be able to get models made quite efficiently with TS modelside. The workspace side of TS is a bit odd but I understand it far more then Blender in terms of productivity.