Games, wasting of life?

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Re: Games, wasting of life?

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Rotcorp wrote:I don't actually use any forums... even kinda shy away from Facebook groups. I just don't seem to have much time to contribuute to them, so for the most part, you'll see me here a lot more than any other place. Sorry, but I don't have any real recommendations for you.

I still have really fond memories of the old super 8mm days. Heck, my very first camera was a regular 8mm that you had to wind up and which took old film bobbins (not mags or carts).
Now, I'm content doing my animation and films on a computer. Which I really ought to get back to right now... I have a render waiting to happen...
Okay, I'll google it and see what I find. I'd just want some hints and tips - and inspiration.

I remember those spools of film! You had to thread them on. That was Standard 8, I think. You could even get black and white 8mm film once!

But, much as I recall those days fondly, I sure as heck wouldn't want to go back to editing by scraping emulsion off tiny bits of film, and splicing with dabs of glue and all that!



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Re: Games, wasting of life?

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This post is magnificent :bananacool2:

I start to read since the first page and see that here we have I good debate, lots of information, really cool! Sometimes we escape from the subject but it don't hinders at all. Thanks to everyone who participate... Just saying that Wii games cause lesions and it's not a good exercise...

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