trueSpace and wooden rings?!?!

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Re: trueSpace and wooden rings?!?!

Post by RAYMAN »

Hey cool !
Some nice wooden rings and a Baby
surprise surprise....... :bananamouse:

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Re: trueSpace and wooden rings?!?!

Post by Kurt »

Congrats, Frank!! You're in for it now!! :P

What a great idea about combining Truespace and your business! If you had to pay a commercial artist to do a layout like that you'd be up for a small fortune.

And you're gonna need your fortune just to raise that little girl until 18!! :lol:

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Re: trueSpace and wooden rings?!?!

Post by v3rd3 »

FYI, they don't stop asking for money when they turn 18.....

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Re: trueSpace and wooden rings?!?!

Post by DesignDevil »

Hey frank - congrats to your doughter - i get my second one at the end of august (if all goes right). My other is now 5 (her site and sometimes she is so cute and lovely and on other days she is a "bitch from the hell" but i think a "little devil" would be the same.

Have fun and i wish you all the best for you & your family.

BTW - how is the name of the baby if it is alowed to ask, because we are not so sure about our choice and we always look for other ones *hihi*
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Re: trueSpace and wooden rings?!?!

Post by frank »

@Froo: Thank you!!!

@Finis: Thanks! Yeah, give Etsy a try - you may like it!

@spacekdet: LOL! Thanks! I like that saying. :) That sounds like a good idea with regards to the highlighting. Would be very practical. Not sure how I'd do it... maybe have the Border parameter toggled when they are clicked.

@steinie: Ha! Thanks! LOL about shotgun! :)

@FirstLight: Thank you! ...and thanks for testing the page! I do plan on adding more species in the future, BUT it may be a while, so I like your suggestion!

@v3rd3: Thanks, man! :)

@RAYMAN: Ha ha! Thank you!

@Kurt: Thanks for the congrats, and the kind words about the site!

@v3rd3: ...voice of experience? ;)

@DesignDevil: HA HA! Thanks! And CONGRATS to you!!! I hope all goes well for your wife and new baby!

We named her Hannah Elisabeth.

MANY thanks to all of you guys!!!

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