Time to Poll

We should delete them?

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Re: Time to Poll

Post by BooxieMalone »

Hi fellows, I want to second marcels opinion.

I thought membership is on a fully voluntary base: help, or being helped in using 3D-Apps. TS-newbies might have questions or not, maybe their questions can be solved solely by reading.

Who is it then to judge members importance? Will the original intend of this community stay alive, or is it already gone?

To be true, I don't want to be forced posting every 6 month. As far as I remember, I learned a lot by reading only (w/o login), but a 100% of my posts were help for others and if deleted, I'm not to peg for the permits for helping others further on, sorry. And as I'm accidentially one handed now and will be still for some time, I've got to end, 'cause it takes terribly long writing only shorties. :)


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Re: Time to Poll

Post by Johny »

Delete them if it's make forums web page load faster.

Keep them if it's not make this page load faster.

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Re: Time to Poll

Post by pugman 1 »

One good thing from all of this it that the forum
is alive again.
or everyone has woken up from there winter sleep ;) 8-)

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Re: Time to Poll

Post by DabblingDan »

Finis wrote:I think the criterion for deletion should be how long it has been since a member logged in. I'd want at least 6 months before deletion.
I agree with this. I have yet been able to accomplish much of anything to my liking with Truespace. Since I can do little I haven't much to contribute to ths folks here other than oooh and aaahh and others' accomplishments (Marcel's latest chapter for example). However, I have contributed to the site's maintenance and check this site a couple of times a day to watch and learn.
So I consider myself an active member and would prefer to not be dropped because I do not generate or participate in a lot of threads.

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Re: Time to Poll

Post by Steinie »

I think many users here are confusing what we are asking. We want to delete the user who joined here but never posted, never submitted, never returned. They haven't even come here to read the post.

Most of you are describing users that join and visit. (some may even post) I don't think Prodigy is talking about those members.

Please look at my example again so you are clear of what is being asked.

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Re: Time to Poll

Post by marcel »

I agree with "never posted, never submitted and never returned." only for that. Not for a time limit as some members said.
But how to know if an inactive member don't see the forum? We can see the forum without login.
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Re: Time to Poll

Post by richlevy »

For what little bit this may matter, I have been deleted from boards before for inactivity. I did not think anything about it when I went on to sign in 6 months or a year later. Some other boards keep you forever it seems, I still have my 3DBuzz account, I bet I visit there 1-2 times per year, if that. Same for Renderosity.

If you feel the need, put a little policy post on the front page, or a link to it so that people can find out what is going on if they choose.

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Re: Time to Poll

Post by Morgan »

marcel wrote:I agree with "never posted, never submitted and never returned." only for that.
I agree with marcel. If they've never posted and simply disappeared as soon as they registered, never coming back, then it's reasonable to delete them after 6 months or a year. But given that the forum activity level isn't all that high to begin with, deleting anyone who has posted does not seem reasonable to me.

(For what it's worth, while I haven't had much to say of late, I do still lurk and read here regularly. Hi! :bananahi: )

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Re: Time to Poll

Post by Jimmer »

Unless, its really a pain.... Let them Be...

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Re: Time to Poll

Post by jamesmc »

Close your eyes, then they all disappear.
Walk by faith, not by sight.

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