I've been watching, in the background since TS 3.2

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I've been watching, in the background since TS 3.2

Post by onkelseph » 27 Jan 2016, 14:26

Whats up... (Now...wait a minute, people who know me say I talk a lot....and maybe I took kinda of a deep breath on this one as well....but please bare with me...I'm an American and I've been living in Germany the past 25 years)

This is your ol Onkelseph (Uncle Seph = U.S.)...and I've been a hobby modeler and animator with Truespace since the day I discovered version 3.2..back in 04' (maybe)...... and I must admit it's been quite a ride. I love the program and the way it developed over a 20+ year run. Even the name (as I first heard/read the word Caligari) just sounded so fluid and perfect for a 3D software developing company name. Caligari Truespace just rolls off the tongue so naturally and smooth.
In the last 16 years, I've been sort of a stalker on most of the TS forums, never registering, only browsing, reading topics, collecting bits and pieces of info here and there for my own Truespace archive...so some of you that have been loyal to TS over the years and have maintained a presence in the forums have kind of become my mentors and heros...kept me interested and motivated with my beloved hobby as well as introduced me to other modeling programs like Blender, Poser etc..
I was a hobby user and when I first discovered version 3.2 (at kidzonline)....it was free, and it was enough program to fit my hobby purposes. I use to drool over versions 4, then 5, then 6.5, and finally 6.6....when they where still on the market and selling for like 500 bucks ( with a groupon, maybe you could get it for like 299)...doesn't matter...it was too much money for me at the time to put out for a hobby (Huh...who am I kidding ...still too much money today...lol) although I knew if I did pay that money for it, ultimately I would have the same modeling and animation capabilities I would have if I bought an expensive program like Maya or Soft Image (Including a complete video library of tutorials on how to use the damned thing professionally...if I ever wanted to)...Which I found impressive...but I could never get enough pennies in my piggy bank to ever buy it...so I just used 3.2, and like I stated before, it was enough program for my uses.
Then one time, around 07' - 08' an acquaintance of mine (this German guy) had version 6.6. He was a modeler employed by an architecture firm and had access to (in his opinion) far better programs, and that he would give me his version of 6.6...felt like it was Christmas...there where none of the learning materials with it (and back in those days it was still somewhat hard to find any free tutorials online ..especially in Germany....you really had to search...believe me I know how hard I had to search)....but so what, I finally had 6.6, and that's where the real fun began, well, that is, until a few years later when 7.6 went free. That's when my world was turned upside down...the 3D gods had smiled upon my broke ass and miraculously, somehow Truespace 7.6 was free....it was like a dream (nightmare really).....because like always, for my good fortune there was a price to pay...and that price was (it seemed to me) like waking up and Caligari just didn't exists anymore. From one day to the next...just gone.....I begged the 3D gods to take it back and put it on the market and I would save money, every penny, not eat if I had to ...not even pay rent......just to buy it, but please, don't take away Caligari man....c'mon man ( I begged).....but it was over..........just like that (broke my heart)
Anyway there is a reason for this post....and that is, that I've been trying the last few years to find a particular video tutorial that was a part of a tutorial series narrated by Oliver Röhe ..."The Character Animation Series" (is actually part 2)...which is still to be found online, with just a little effort (even for download...but you knew that)...But Part 1 is not to be found, and I know it existed because it was my first box-modeling tutorial that I ever watched, and it was good. It took you step by step through the entire process of creating a character (using Truespace's tools as well as teaching the basic way to model in Truespace) that could later be rigged in MoStu. It included detailed information when creating the separate geometry that is needed for the teeth and eyes (rigging the teeth and eyes is cover in the 2nd half, but modeling techniques tools etc. and hierarchy or any texturing are only covered in the 1st part...which is crucial information for any beginner who wants to learn concrete practices that are individual to Truespace's workflow) I have quite a big Truespace video tutorial library myself, practically all the stuff you guys yourselves have access to...BUT....this truly is my favorite of all the video tutorials I ever learned with...and it is a MUST HAVE for my personal collection of Truespace video tutorial material. For anyone's private collection.. Just having Part 2 is so sad (because it is also done very well)..granted, Oliver Röhe does have a voice that can put you to sleep...talks so dammned slow....but the information he's yawning out is almost priceless for any Truespace beginner. So with both parts of the series, a beginner is armed with the good fundamentals that he needs to understand how to model and animate using any version of Truespace...or any other modeling program for that matter.
anybody.....??? help??........please

(told you I took a deep breath.....sorry)


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Re: I've been watching, in the background since TS 3.2

Post by bitkar » 27 Jan 2016, 16:34

omg, is there a short version of that? :D
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