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Blender 2.49 scripts to tsxpython ?

Posted: 04 Oct 2015, 07:54
by Cellulo
There is a way to adapt blender 2.49 python script to tsxpython, i have a old plugin from Blender 2.49 to make wall masonry that i want to port for trueSpace, i know Blender 2.49 and tsxpython don't have the same python but maybe Blender script can be a good base to make a new script for trueSpace.

I have see that in the Blender 2.49 script "" there is command mathutils, there is equivalent command in tsxpython ? or maybe it's possible to transform a script in tsx plugin.

Here the information link about "" made by Paul Spooner: ... 76971.html

I think this will be a useful script or plugin for trueSpace modelside.

Re: Blender 2.49 scripts to tsxpython ?

Posted: 04 Oct 2015, 08:51
by BNG
I hear part of the problem is that Python was not fully supported in Truespace like Blender. I looked into this quite a while back and your best bet is to look at the TS SDK related to Tsxpython? Leroy.

Re: Blender 2.49 scripts to tsxpython ?

Posted: 04 Oct 2015, 10:09
by Cellulo
You have right BNG maybe it's better to make tsx plugin instead of python script, i need to read the SDK docs of trueSpace and also use the sdk made by DesignDevil in this topic ... f=12&t=452 to have tsx api in basic language with freebasic, but what version of freebasic i need ? the last 1.04 or the 0.23 ?

EDIT: i found 3 IDE editor for freebasic:

1) FBEdit

2) FBIde 0.4.6 r4

3) JellyFB Editor 2.50

Re: Blender 2.49 scripts to tsxpython ?

Posted: 05 Oct 2015, 08:26
by BNG
I believe that DD used version 2.21?

Re: Blender 2.49 scripts to tsxpython ?

Posted: 06 Oct 2015, 16:19
by DesignDevil
Just two words to python in trueSpace - forget it. Ok, a few more words...python is not really usable in trueSpace. Just a few simple things but no complete access to the functionality of tS.

I am also not sure if it is usefull to create a tsx as a python script-handler. This will be like python script -> tsx -> api -> truespace. And on each step is the possibility for a leak, especialy in tS which is for himself not really stable.

The SDK documentation for tS is also bad written. There are a lot of things that i never figured out to do. For example i never figured out to store data in a object file. I never found any working example and i could not get it to work in a tsx. But this is just the tip of the mountain. It was really frustrating to create tsx for tS because i had so many ideas what could be useful. To develop a tsx is really complicated from a programmers point of view because the accessibility and handling of routines and memory and such stuff is totaly stupid done in tS' SDK - but maybe it was just me ;).

From a today point of view i have no longer the time and energy to go so deep into tS. In my eyes it would make more sense, if somebody is able to do something like that, to create a complete new application >>> state of the art, easy usable, userfriendly (like tS is) stable and fast instead of wasting time to create plugIns for a "old" tS. If possible with a complete featured render engine like Renderman. Huh...i'm dreaming...


The FreeBasic Version that i used was 0.20.0b. I am not sure how complicated it will be to use my lib with a newer version.

You can find my stuff here:" onclick=";return false;

Download the FreeBasic SDK package and read the PDF file.

Re: Blender 2.49 scripts to tsxpython ?

Posted: 09 Oct 2015, 08:49
by Cellulo
Thanks for the information DesignDevil, well make a tsx plugin is a headache under trueSpace, i'm not :ugeek: .

This will be really cool if someone can transform the UI of Blender 2.76 like UI trueSpace with his icons, a lot of code to change.