Roadkill UV plugin for trueSpace, possible ?

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Roadkill UV plugin for trueSpace, possible ?

Post by Cellulo » 30 Sep 2015, 17:17

If you go on the official homepage of Roadkill UV, the UV mapping editor.,

You can see there is some scripts for different 3D packages like 3DS Max, Maya and XSI, in fact after editing these scripts with a text editor i have discovered that they call the roadkill uv standalone file executable directly to make your UV mapping on your 3d object and after send the UV in the 3D package.

Maybe it's possible to make a tsx plugin or script for "trueSpace 6/Modelside" that call the roadkill uv standalone executable to make easily the UV mapping stuff, or transform the source code of Roadkill UV into a tsx plugin instead of script. this will speed up the UV mapping task.

It's just a idea for developpers that have knowledge in coding, it's not my case or i will do it surely.

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