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Are we dead?

Posted: 31 Dec 2010, 11:33
by Steve
Yes, but I made sure to have jump leads handy in case of a case like this

Here's the game plan guys.
As you know I've decided against, and I'm no longer in a position to make 3D modelling a career I'm devoting a vast amount of time on my new uni course and learning to fly, learning to beat people up, learning some awful maths and then next year will potentially be employed to make sure the first years don't kill themselves while they're at uni. Peter is on a games programming course now, he goes to uni to program, he goes home and works on his programming assignment, I doubt that at the end of that he wants to then program some more.

In our third year of uni, two years time we need to take a placement year to work in the industry, now, I'll be off somewhere working with Eurocopter or Boeing or the Air Ambulance in Germany or Japan or America or wherever it is the place to go, Peter on the other hand shoudl be setting up a company, the University gives us the space and time to set up a company for a year.

See the plan?

I'm currently in the middle of roping in another [s]victim[/s] texture artist to help us along with a couple of other people for some Unreal based extras. In these first two years, me and 'the gang' will work on creating the assets, textures, effects, models, music, the lot. In the third year, Peter and the required 'gang' will spend a year producing it, and probably the fourth year for their FYP expanding it while I'm off swannign about with helicopters and airliners

In short. Broken skies has been extended by about 3 years
Just thought I'd leave a message instead of letting this just die

Re: Are we dead?

Posted: 01 Jan 2011, 02:51
by froo
Good to hear it's still going Steve!


Re: Are we dead?

Posted: 23 Jan 2011, 00:12
by Breech Block
Hey Steve. Glad this project is still ongoing and I'm as keen as ever to help you play test it when the time is right for ya.

Re: Are we dead?

Posted: 13 Jul 2012, 00:34
by Finis
Seeing Froo's post about Iron Skies reminded me of this. How is Broken Skies going Steve?