Autodesk product tutorials would bring more people

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Autodesk product tutorials would bring more people

Post by tamtam »

I request that even though this whole entire forum is mainly for TS, I think it would attract more people if there were tutorials for Autodesk software (plus I might come here more often if there were an Autodesk Maya forum, since I use it a lot, and know the basics of it):

I think it would gather more people here if we had tutorials for the following Autodesk software:

1.) Maya (for all versions, and I might be able to shed some light about the basics for newcomers to Maya for version 2009 at least)

2.) 3ds Max (I don't know much about this one)

3.) MotionBuilder (tried to use it, but installed it then uninstalled it, because there were not enough tutorials out there, and no books either to my knowledge)

4. Softimage (never had it, so I never used it, but I hope to someday, if there would be more up to date books about it, as well as tutorials)

Note - I know I won't be much help for the software other than Maya, but I hope others can visit here to post there tutorials for beginners and onward. Sorry that it's a lot to think about tutorial wise. I wish I could be of more help, but there's no Maya forum, or even an Autodesk forum here.

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Re: Autodesk product tutorials would bring more people

Post by BNG »

This is a Caligari modeling forum and other 3d modeling packages have their own forums already. I don't think that adding tutorials for other 3d packages makes much sense at all.

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Re: Autodesk product tutorials would bring more people

Post by Tiles »

It`s an open 3D forum since a pretty while. It`s just that just mainly trueSpace users hang around here. And they hang around because here is mainyl trueSpace content. The Autodesk people don`t hang around here because there is no Autodesk content though. You would need Autodesk people to create this content. And you won`t get Autodesk people as long as there is no Autodesk content, hehe :lol:
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