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Some Vintage Plugs for 3.2 via Wayback

Posted: 04 Jan 2019, 20:55
by Krowbarh
Hello...Been gathering & testing plugs for tS 3.2. There was some I had found via ripping various addresses of the Wayback machine. Not intentionally for trueSpace stuff...Just sometimes tS stuff comes back during a 'treed' ripping.

Here is an archive of some plugs that I don't find in the 'grand' collection from the flat2D site...Which is an excellent collection...THANX!

Included are-

-A Little Primitive
-Sunshine 1.10

I found all those to work FINE in 3.2

There is also trueNote...But doesn't work in 3.2

There are also some other items...A Dragon Fly Viewer that appears to load up a trueSpace scene to view as like a game engine. The scene would not load in tS3.2 but did in 6.6.

There is also a standalone 'UV Projection' app from Worx or something like that.

A gameSpace EXE and a clip of Roman Ormandy...Shoot with his accent I always thought he was Hindu or similar...I guess I was wrong!

Anyway if anybody can make use of any of this then grab it-

Re: Some Vintage Plugs for 3.2 via Wayback

Posted: 05 Jan 2019, 15:48
by clintonman
What is 'treed' ripping and how does it work with the Wayback machine?

Re: Some Vintage Plugs for 3.2 via Wayback

Posted: 07 Jan 2019, 14:27
by bitkar
if you would need some plugins, i can look at my repository. I have been downloading anything that is/was free for the time since tS3+.
Maybe i will upload it online sometimes.

Re: Some Vintage Plugs for 3.2 via Wayback

Posted: 17 Jan 2019, 22:52
by Krowbarh
Thanks & I'll have a look...

'Treed' ripping is just allowing teleport ultra to search other possibilities other than the main starting address...So, in effect the search 'trees out' from the starting URL...So it could be any site linked in any matter.

Say I am looking for a certain plug but the main 'ripped' site doesn't seem to have a valid copy well some friend site might have it on their sector in the wayback machine.

I have gotten some amazing gifts from the wayback...alot of garbage too. It's a hobby........