New Animation Script Installers tS7.61

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New Animation Script Installers tS7.61

Post by clintonman » 27 Jan 2018, 04:05

These scripts have been updated to work with the new persistent install script. ... tokey.html
replaced checkbox with on/off button, fixed installation bug, uses dynamically generated widgets to survive conext resets

The animation scripts now use the v2 persistent install system.

Keyframe Interpolation script ... ation.html

FK controls ... trols.html

IK Handle footprint ... rints.html

Bake keyframes ... rames.html
removed the bake button - is now widget only

Joint orientation helper ... rient.html

no youtube videos for bake keyframes and joint orientation
FK controls and Ik handle footprint have old downloadable mp4 videos
Clinton Reese

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