New Script installers tS7.61

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Re: New Script installers tS7.61

Post by trueBlue » 16 Jan 2018, 16:12

I noticed when I built the New Custom Toolbar included in the Unofficial Update, when saving the Toolbar.RsObj, it would also save the present state of tS toolbars, and it would save all of the Recent files opened in the File menu.
So in my script to Save, I would Reset the tS toolbars and delete the Recent files before saving the Toolbar. RsObj
Regretting now that I did not Reset the File menu instead of deleting the recent files. :-(
Not perfect, but I bet you could do better with your scripting abilities. :-)
Update I found the commands in the Rosetta.log

Code: Select all

WindowsManager.SynchronizeCommand( '{18FEE173-8E8B-4492-A752-EF3BB386AE26}', 4, '', '') //File Menu
WindowsManager.SynchronizeCommand( '{A5876B44-6C2B-45BC-8338-0D338E2097B1}', 4, '', '') //New View 
WindowsManager.SynchronizeCommand( '{8324C912-58BE-4ACE-81EE-182512CBF0F9}', 4, '', '') //Workspace Nav
WindowsManager.SynchronizeCommand( '{E4A42E12-80C0-4B2B-8807-FE461407083C}', 4, '', '') //Custom Tool
WindowsManager.SynchronizeCommand( '{A5876B44-6C2B-45BC-8338-0D338E2097B1}', 4, '', '') //Animation
WindowsManager.SynchronizeCommand( '{DB8FF3AE-6061-4700-83A3-27A07259B027}', 4, '', '') //Workspace Main
You would have to save a Toolbar Prototype in the Toolbar Prototypes Encapsulator for your toolbars.

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Re: New Script installers tS7.61

Post by clintonman » 25 Feb 2018, 03:45

All these script installers have been updated to the new v2 persistent install system.
Clinton Reese

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