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Unselectable script

Post by clintonman » 03 Nov 2017, 06:08

Update to the "unselectable" script used to lock object selections. The new version uses the web ui plugin to deselected locked items when they are selected. The big change is that it locks link editor selections where the old version only locked 3d view selections and it requires the web ui plugin/script to be installed. Still not ideal since it deselects instead of preventing selection in the first place. It's the best that can be done without source code access.

http://clintons3d.com/plugins/truespace ... selectable

Related and required is an update to the web scene view, which processes the selection change events. Locking has been added the the browser based scene view.

http://clintons3d.com/plugins/truespace ... webui.html

Related as well is the workspace layers. Changed to use the new locking and some fixes like camera and spotlights could not be hidden. It also allows items to be hidden and locked at the same time. This requires the web ui plugins/scripts for locking items.

http://clintons3d.com/plugins/truespace ... ayers.html
Clinton Reese


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Re: Unselectable script

Post by Draise » 03 Nov 2017, 15:04

I still haven't managed to get the Webui system going yet. I'll have to give it another try once I'm done delivering and going into a lull for the end of the year.

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