New Utility Script installers tS7.6

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New Utility Script installers tS7.6

Post by clintonman » 14 Jan 2018, 05:20

Utility scripts with new persistent install style and some bug fixes, youtube video demos

Parent/unparent ... index.html
more input checks for valid items

Freeze Transform ... sform.html
more input checks, does not run with camera and light selections

CTRL button simulator fro the link editor selections ... index.html

Rectangle/Lasso Object Selection ... lasso.html

Grid array ... array.html
checks for empty selection

Radial Array ... array.html
checks for empty selection, slightly improved top radius control

Point Clone script ... clone.html
added status line feedback

more coming in this space

parent/unparent, freeze transform, CTRL button do not have youtube videos
Clinton Reese

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