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Sample of Animation to Come

Posted: 01 Nov 2009, 14:28
by jeffroig
I have been spending more time in poking fun at my family and I have found that if you take something real in your life such as a person or event that has happend and then poke fun at it the results are much more humorious and people enjoy it as opposed to trying to come up with a funny script, lets face it as we are good with design and art we are not always the best at writing a script or creating humor, thats why Hollywood has writers and there is not a title called writer and animator. You will see here a short animation of LeeRoy while he sings and plays the guitar. The music/singing is my father in law and to be quite honest he is a professional musician but on rare occasions I have recorded him singing and playing new songs that he is working on and as he has said " I have heard my music before but never have I been able to laugh at it before until now" take a look as this animation is in the works and when finished will be 3 minutes in length with various people in my family popping in the video but only in 3D animated characters.

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