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Posted: 01 Sep 2009, 21:59
by jeffroig
Hello to all
I am working with our local YMCA and teaching kids some basics in animation.
One of the kids wanted to know about creating waves in the ocean and well you can guess what happened next. They all wanted to do it so here I am trying to find dynawave.
I am using TS 4.3 to give them the basics and then I will be moving them up to 6 and so on.
My big question or favor would be does anyone out there have a copy of Dynawave that I could borrow for this.
I have tried contacting Alain and have not got an answer back.
Thanks all..

Re: Dynawave

Posted: 01 Sep 2009, 23:11
by Breech Block
Hi Jeff. Design Devil has it, or something very similar on his webpage over at" onclick=";return false;
Goto the plug-in page and it's on sub-page 20, I think.

PS: He has a great site over their and definately worth bookmarking. :bananacool2: