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New to this forum, but not new to TrueSpace!

Posted: 12 Nov 2015, 06:13
by Maverick_LSC
Just want to say you guys have a nice forum here, I've been looking through some of the old posts and missed out on a lot on what had happened with TrueSpace. I'll explain a bit of my background experience with tS.

My experience with TrueSpace started with a copy of the full version of TrueSpace 3.2 on CD that came with PCPlus magazine. It wasn't my first dabble with 3D as I was use to using Imagine 4.0 on my Commodore Amiga 1200 that I had back in the mid-90's. Earlier I programmed a rotating 3D cube animation on a commodore PET back when I was in high school. Anyway when I had the Amiga I acquired Imagine the same way I did with TrueSpace except it was from a cover mounted disk from CU Amiga magazine I believe.

I enjoyed picking up magazines back then because in Canada, Amiga's weren't as well supported at they were in Europe and I was able to build a sizeable software collection from collecting these magazine cover mounted disks. I got into 3D and digital multimedia that way. Used OctaMED to create tracker tunes, learned Blitzbasic for programming, used DPaint, ImageFX, Clarissa and so on.

So I got onboard early in with 3D modeling and when the Amiga scene slowly faded from it's glory days I've made the switch to the PC in early 2000's.

Once I bought the PC I was looking into learning how to use it and noticed the PCPlus magazine with a full release of TrueSpace 3.2. It was my first application I've came across that interest me as it felt similar to the fun I had with the Amiga 3D scene.

I mainly used TrueSpace to create my Robotech 3D models as I'm a huge fan of the show and it got me started. I later acquired tS 4.3 from another CD mounted magazine. Then when a full version of Carrara Studio came along on another magazine CD I made the switch.

I'm quite adept at Carrara and became quite skillful at it. But I missed using the modeling tools from tS as it matched my personal preference on how I like my user interface to be when modeling.

When Daz release for a limited time, Bryce 3D 7.1 and Hexagon 3D 2.5 for free I tried to see if I would enjoy modeling with those packages, but in the end I like the interface and user experience in modeling in tS. Especially from the simplicity of the UI from tS 3.2, I liked tS 4.3 as well. When I heard that Microsoft picked up tS and released tS 7.6 as a free download I decided to try it out.

Too be honest I still have a bit of problem learning the Workspace and Modelspace aspect of this package and it's one of the reasons that I've joined this forum.

I have this latest and last version of tS and I would like to be competent in using it just like I am with tS 4.3

But keep the fun in learning to use a new package.

Re: New to this forum, but not new to TrueSpace!

Posted: 12 Nov 2015, 09:42
by Tiles
Hi Maverick,

Well, you can use the modelside like you would use trueSpace 4. It's just a few more icons around. And especially the addons will give you lots to learn ^^

The problem with trueSpace is the number of users that could help you with a problem. There is just this forum left, with a handful more or less active users. There is no documentation anymore. trueSpace is outdated, it is not longer in development since six years now. And the Workspace was never really finished. The polygon modeling part might still be of use. But all other things can be done faster and easier in other software, or can be done in other software at all. The bones system in the workspace for example is simply too unstable. Unwrapping non existent. Texture baking is outdated, and so on.

That said, trueSpace might be a good addition to Carrara here and there. But i would not use it as a complete substitute. And it might be a better idea to spend the learning time into a state of the art solution with a future. And it's not necessarily Blender. There's for example the Modo Indie version for a low budget that could be of use for you.

Re: New to this forum, but not new to TrueSpace!

Posted: 12 Nov 2015, 14:14
by Draise
I love your story!

I too started my computer life in an Amiga, I think the 800. What a great machine. I was playing full colour graphics games when the PC was still in orange and black dos! I also made some grooves on OctaMed! It was the best stage of my child hood, that and Lego. Something was great about playing games with joysticks.

I didn't know Truespace started back then!

I got started with Truespace just like you, a demo on a disc from a magazine. With version 4.3 I think back when I was 14 years old.

But wow, memory lane.

Concerning Truespace, I would consider Truespace quite... Competent in the basic concepts of things still. Modeling is still on par, just lacking vértice extrude and retopology and sculpting workflow, but it does the modelling job quite nicely.

The model side is just like a suped up version of earlier ts versions = more tools and icons.

The workspace side is a completely different kind of cat with similar ui system, but different mentality. I personally prefer this side because it is more modern and with its node based workflow, even on par with modern software and what you can do with them.

Concerning animation in the WS, it can be powerful. The rigging can be finicky, but that is because there are many rules to follow and it is flexible in a sense. Just have to understand it.. But it does work. I've used it for paid work today. The view port also is great. The cool thing is you can play with both software in one using the bridge.

I like relaxing in Truespace mostly workside. It's just simple and easy with quick results. I use it for my previz and clients all the time. It makes SDS modelling fun (with killer viewport options to aid the modeling process) and all still alive with new scripts and workflow discovered here and there.

I believe modernity is not important when the priority is the art. If you make good art with the tools you love, how you did it on preferred (or old) tech doesn't matter; especially if you are freelance.

Just enjoy what you want, I'll make you tutorials, just give me the question of topic, and welcome to the forums!

Re: New to this forum, but not new to TrueSpace!

Posted: 12 Nov 2015, 17:28
by MikomDude
Hello Maverick! Sounds like you have quite the history with trueSpace. While I think we all have a history with this program here I think mine is probably the shortest. I only started using trueSpace in 2009-ish after looking for free 3D apps.

I've stuck with it since, it's a great program and such a shame it was discontinued. I use tS 7.61 Beta 8 myself and while I also started out in the model-side, I am now mainly a workspace modeler while still doing renders in the model-side.

Still, it's fun to see new members on this site. Feel free to show some of your old work, or new, new is even better!

Re: New to this forum, but not new to TrueSpace!

Posted: 12 Nov 2015, 18:15
by Dragneye
Welcome Marine.
(Wait... Maverick was Air Force)

Whateverrr... :)

Welcome to the forums.

Re: New to this forum, but not new to TrueSpace!

Posted: 13 Nov 2015, 11:09
by bitkar
Hey, welcome here... show us your work in whatever sw you used :)

Regarding workspace and modelspace - you can simply do it like I do - Just use modelspace only, its still like those old tS.

Re: New to this forum, but not new to TrueSpace!

Posted: 13 Nov 2015, 15:19
by Steinie
Hey it is always nice to have a new member that is familiar with tS. Welcome!

I go way back to Amiga 1000 and Caligari software. (the original name for trueSpace on the Amiga) I still have fond memories of the Amiga and having multitasking to boot! How about the "Bridgeboard" for the Amiga which was the early version of "Lightwave"?
trueSpace 4.0 is still my favorite version.

Re: New to this forum, but not new to TrueSpace!

Posted: 13 Nov 2015, 18:08
by Finis
Welcome Maverick_LSC! This forum isn't just for trueSpace. I'm happy to see a new member with experience with many CG programs. Looking forward to seeing your work.

I'm moving to Blender as my main program. TS was great (model side = 6.6 and earlier). Easy to use. I still like the look of the Lightworks renderer for artistic pieces, ease of use, and versatility. TS geometry paint is good too.

Re: New to this forum, but not new to TrueSpace!

Posted: 15 Nov 2015, 01:39
by Maverick_LSC
Thanks guys, I still see that most of the passion that went along with working with trueSpace is still there and it's nice to see some former amigans have branched out from the amiga scene and continue with their artistic passion.

As for my trueSpace art? well most of my trueSpace work went with my old laptop when my hard drive died but I do have an old website that contains some trueSpace rendered pictures. They were once placed on my old geocities website but now only accessible via the way back time machine on the website. ... _TITLE.JPG" onclick=";return false; ... soaresrui/" onclick=";return false; ... soaresrui/" onclick=";return false;

So between 2001 and 2009 my website with Robotech trueSpace renderings was up, rendered with no post work.

These days most of the modeling I do is done with Truespace 4.3, with some modifications in either Amapi 3D 6 or Hexagon 3D 2.5 depending on how a certain package implements a feature in a way that I like to the model.

Organic modeling I prefer using Sculptris and Hexagon in particular for making morphs and dynamic clothing for my poser models. I have the Microsoft Kinect for the xbox 360 which in conjunction with Brekel Kinect software that I use to create my own custom BVH mocap files to import into Carrara to rig my own character animations with Poser characters.

I do have some of my Carrara renderings I did with a Poser 9 model that I imported into Carrara Pro 7.2" onclick=";return false;

As for the programs I use, I'm versed with Sculptris, Poser 9, Hexagon 3D 2.5, Amapi 3D 6.0, Bryce 3D 7.1, Carrara Pro 7.2, TrueSpace 3.2 and TrueSpace 4.3

I do have TrueSpace 7.6, but since joining this forum I've downloaded and installed TrueSpace 7.61 Beta 8.
I do want to get a grasp of this one since it's supposedly the best and latest TrueSpace and I do enjoy modeling with the older versions of this package.

Oh btw, I'm also a pencil and ink artist as well. Look for Ink Palette or Ink Palette Productions on Twitter, Instagram to see my drawings and that of other artists in the drawing team that I'm a part of.

Once I figure out how to upload these to the thread I'll put up more pictures for you guys to check out.

Thanks for having me come join your forum.


Re: New to this forum, but not new to TrueSpace!

Posted: 15 Nov 2015, 08:32
by BNG
Welcome to the forum Mav. Leroy.