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Environment, object, and grid dimension changes, how?

Posted: 14 Dec 2011, 23:08
by Jill
Currently my model dimensions seem to be in inches I would like to change the grid scale and convert/scale the dimensions of all my objects so that they are in cm or mm without changing their effective physical size.

That is to say that if one of my objects currently show a dimension of 1 in the distance feedback display then I want to scale all objects to the same scale that will make that same 1" object show 25.4 in the distance feedback display and I want it to be clarified that the dimensions are now in millimeters. Then I want to be sure the grid display [and grid snapping] are in 1mm increments.

So can someone inform me how to go about these changes?

Re: Environment, object, and grid dimension changes, how?

Posted: 15 Dec 2011, 01:34
by trueBlue
Assuming you are refering to Model and not Workspace.
From the trueSpace7.6 Manual
Chapter4 Modeling – Model View| 153

Grid Snap Toggle The Grid Snap Toggle tool sets constraints on navigation for moving, rotating and scaling objects. These constraints are adjustable and the increments can be set for each different type of transformation/navigation (movement, rotation and scale). You click the Grid Snap tool once to enable it (Grid Snap becomes active). Clicking the Grid Snap tool while it is active will deactivate it. If you right-click on the Grid Snap tool, you open its properties panel. Grid Snap Property Panel
If you switch from one type of transformation/navigation to another, the Grid Snap Property Panel will change to reflect the appropriate settings (movement, rotation or scale). If you open the Object Property Panel (right-click on Object tool), you will notice a check box for Dynaunits. This setting has a direct effect on your Grid Snap tool. Basically, Dynaunits forces the Grid Snap tool to use the unit system being used by the current object. If Dynaunits is not checked, the unit system used will default to that selected for the World space. To illustrate this, the default setting in the Snap Grid Property Panel is 1. If Dynaunits is selected and the current object units are set to “Meters” on the Object Information Panel, then movement will consist of increments of one meter. Changing the units for object to centimeters in the Object Information Panel would result in movement constraints of one centimeter.
Rotation constraints are independent of the unit selected type, and degrees are used instead. What you see displayed in the value settings will always be in degrees. You may disable/enable Grid Snap on any axis by selecting either X, Y or Z on the Grid Snap Property Panel. As shown below, X and Z have been deactivated while Y remains active. The value for X shows the maximum allowed value while the value for Z shows the minimum.

Re: Environment, object, and grid dimension changes, how?

Posted: 15 Dec 2011, 02:52
by spacekdet
That much text quoted chapter and verse deserves it's own screenshots.

Maybe this will help (or maybe not- words like "multiplicative" tend to scare me!)

Model side:
I hope that's what you were asking about.

Re: Environment, object, and grid dimension changes, how?

Posted: 15 Dec 2011, 09:05
by Jill
Actually, I was referring to the workspace side [sorry I did not specify that] as all of my work has been done in that and that is all I have any [albeit little] experience on.
Your reference to grid snapping on the model side is helpful in certain ways, but this does not explain how I can scale ALL the objects/meshes in the scene by a specific value, or how to specify the units measure value in any file I finally export to [STL format]. These are the much more important factors I need to understand, and so far the manual indicates hints here and there, but does not clarify on the relations of these specifics in any one place.
Any ideas on these factors? In the mean time I will check out what you have indicated more closely in tS.

[edit] P.S. If the model side is [supposedly] independent from the workspace side, do any of these changes on the model side affect the workspace side, and if so how?

Re: Environment, object, and grid dimension changes, how?

Posted: 15 Dec 2011, 14:40
by stan
unless you have the conversion pak which is no longer available, stl is not an option. or dwg ,sat, iges.

as for scale the modelside is where that is done..the workpace will reflect the model scale but you can't change scale there. model side has (as shown in spacekdet's images)..object convert..object scale..scene scale. Its best to start in the scene scale required.. For instance a gear in inches brought into a meter scene is quite small in relation to the scene..

I usually worked in inch or feet scene depending on the size of project. An inch scene makes the grid one square = one inch

Re: Environment, object, and grid dimension changes, how?

Posted: 16 Dec 2011, 12:37
by Prodigy
We must to remember that there-s no truespace with modelside to download in caligari site..

So many new users have no modelside.. :(

@@ i have to check spacekadet way in workspace, i dont remember that :)

Re: Environment, object, and grid dimension changes, how?

Posted: 16 Dec 2011, 13:37
by v3rd3
The modelside download is on CNET. I am pretty sure the link is on Steinie's link page.

Re: Environment, object, and grid dimension changes, how?

Posted: 16 Dec 2011, 18:37
by spacekdet
To tell the truth, I'm not exactly sure HOW to do it strictly in Workspace if you don't have the version that includes Model.
I just assumed that by experimenting somewhere in those WS settings you could find something that worked.
(or one of the resident genius/coders would know for sure) ...and then you could teach us!

I vaguely recall this discussion at the old Caligari Forums, perhaps it's buried in the archives somewhere.

If you do have the version w/ Model, turn on bridge in the stack, switch to Model, and change scale as indicated.

To have changes on the Model side affect Workspace, the Bridge should be set to on / auto
Be careful and save the scene first before doing any bridge work as synching the two halves of the tS brain can sometimes have unexpected consequences!
Here are some tips on using the Bridge.

Re: Environment, object, and grid dimension changes, how?

Posted: 16 Dec 2011, 18:52
by trueBlue
As far as I know, there is no conversion in Workspace.
It has been said that Workspace is better suited for Organic Modeling.
Seems Model would be the better choice for Jill.

You can download the different versions of trueSpace tS7.6, tS7.61Beta8, tS7.61Beta8 Standalone, and supporting files here: ... 2043#p2043" onclick=";return false;

tS7 Help: ... 577#p15577" onclick=";return false;