Truespace 3D Battlezone II Combat Commander Tuts.

Start here all your Truespace Model Side Tutorials
(Model side also include Truespace 6.6 and below)
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Truespace 3D Battlezone II Combat Commander Tuts.

Post by BNG » 10 May 2011, 00:31

These tutorials are primarily for BZII model makers using truespace 6/7.6's DirectX file exporter. The models are mainly low polygon models and props as BZII has some serious issues with high poly models and props. The X models also need to be prepped specifically prior to exportation, and then converted to Softimage XSI version 1 before they will work in the video game. Here's a link to the tutorials and a few models that I uploaded for use with BZII. BZII Modeling Tutorials using Truespace 3D Modeling Software.

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