I almost died

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Re: I almost died

Post by pugman 1 »

Im so happy your not a ghost .If you were and made it to my house you would drink all my german beer .
Look after yourself bud :bananacheers:

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Re: I almost died

Post by FHembree »

Glad you are better and over this scary experience. :)
My doctor always reminds me to take baby aspirins everyday, (even though I do not), as they are supposed to thin the blood, and help with BP.
Just curious, did you take any aspirin while you were experiencing the unknown pain?

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Re: I almost died

Post by Steinie »

No asprin or any other drug.

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Re: I almost died

Post by trueBlue »

Glad to hear you will PLANTING daisies in your beautiful garden!
Hope all works out in your healthy future.

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Re: I almost died

Post by froo »

Glad to hear you got the proper diagnosis in time, damn that was too close for comfort!

Say... maybe you can help me out with my current 'garden' project: I have a hedge...

8 feet tall
15 feet wide
50 feet long

I gotta get rid of this thing man. Wanna help? It' be fun! I promise! No really! :) Yessir, there's nothin better than getting tangled up in a angry thicket trying to strip your flesh to the bone while you dismantle it. :)

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Re: I almost died

Post by RAYMAN »

Hi Steinie! Glad you are better now! 2017 was my year of warning for me too!
High blood pressure and they found glaucoma... high eye pressure!
I would have turned blind without treatment!
What you realy need is a change in your consuming habits!
Less Fat.. less sugar.. less calorie bomb drinks....etc
More training...etc.
But I now eat a lot of garlic! That works well against ateriosklerosis!!!!!
Greetings Peter

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