MAGIX VEGAS Colors issue & trick

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MAGIX VEGAS Colors issue & trick

Post by Emmanuel »

Many of us are using Vegas to create movies from our trueSpace renderings, so I belive I should share that trick with you.

If you create an animation with dark or bright areas in trueSpace, and render it in an undestructive format like PNG, you will have a lot of details in these dark and bright areas.
Now, if you bring your frames in Vegas and render an AVI or MP4 video in any codec, you will loose many details : Vegas somehow applies a hard contrast that burns your whites and darkens your blacks.

This is due to the color space Vegas is using by default. It seems it is not as wide as our native 32 bits PNG files. Although your animation looks okay in the preview window, its colors are burning when your render to video file.
I have been living with that problem for years, and just discovered today the workaround !

So here is the trick to keep your colors :
In Vegas preview window, you have a toolbar with icons for project properties, external display, etc. Clic the effect icon (Fx) and choose the LEVELS effect, then in that panel, choose RVB PC to RVB Studio.
This will adjust the levels in order to keep as much details as possible from your PNG rendering.

Vegas RVB PC vs RVB studio.jpg

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