Diffractor - Imagewalker Viewers PC Free >>>

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Diffractor - Imagewalker Viewers PC Free >>>

Post by Krowbarh »

Here's a couple viewers that are pretty good, I guess...

Diffractor is the current version of what used to be called ImageWalker...

Personally I prefer Imagewalker 'cause I don't like apps that wanna connect to the 'mothership' or whatever else. An android app or iphone-ipad freak might appreciate Diffractor much better for its 'connectivity'...wink, wink.

You can get current Diffractor here-


Butt!...BUTT!!! If you are usin' XP it won't work...You gotta get version 109 off the wayback machine here-

https://web.archive.org/web/20130620021 ... rSetup.exe

Once again...BUTT! If you are more offlinish and don't appreciate features built 'for online use' ImageWalker is much better...I use 2.3.1


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