Modotate 2.02.02 Free Window Minimize to Trans 3D >>>

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Modotate 2.02.02 Free Window Minimize to Trans 3D >>>

Post by Krowbarh »

Here be an app I used years ago & forgot about...Modotate, well that dev has it as Madotate...

Minimizes an open window to closest screen edge in a 3D perspective fashion...The minimized window can be slid up-down and trans can be adjusted as well. If you want a sound can be triggered. It puts a button in the titlebar so you don't gotta use it all the time, just when you wanna SHOW-OFF! or not...

retracted windows do not stay on top so no worries about interfere with the 3D garbage....

Works well in XP SP3 & on Softpedia it says windows ALL so try it, or not. No install required but there is an included reg file to double-click but in settings there is a thoughtful 'uninstall' that removes this reg entry if you wish to be absolutely negative & delete MODOTATE-MADOTATE!!

Does not interfere with clicktodesktop but windows minimized using Modotate will be invisible to Switch Window (My earlier thread). ... tate.shtml


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