[Service Review] Dtube

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[Service Review] Dtube

Post by Draise » 14 Jan 2018, 03:16

[Service Review]

"D.Tube aims to become an alternative to YouTube that allows you to watch or upload videos on IPFS and share or comment about it on the immutable STEEM Blockchain, while earning cryptocurrency doing it."

I have ventured out a little after the demise of Vidme, and after seeing the PR disasters and creators panicking in Youtube, I thought.. why not explore other systems? I found one nice one called Dtube that has started in 2016 as an IPFS (kinda like BitTorrent style peer to peer file sharing without a client) system that hosts videos server free (reducing their service costs). It is also very free and equal concerning how it works, for example, there are no ads, but no sponsorship restrictions, no censorship (only by users), and it has a decentralized hosting/sharing system and more, it's monetization is a novel system based on Steem cryptocurrencies - creating the ability to mine/buy/sell cryptocurrency by integrating into Steemit. So.. likes, comments, votes and the such will automatically reward you real-world cryptocurrency from a blockchain market.

Exciting times.

I don't think people know a lot about it, nor understand the potential of the concept, as today there are only around 600,000 users of Steemit (the sister social network to Dtube that ties into it) - but with that said, people have learned to live off it regularly, earning hundreds to thousands of dollars from social interaction on their videos. I can't say it doesn't solve the whole "viral" and ad dependant revenue aspect of youtube - but it certainly makes earning what you should from valuable content something worth looking into. Oh, did I mention that even liking/commenting/voting can get you some cryptocurrency too? As a social user and consumer, you earn for your time and interaction in the community. It's a marvelous idea.

I think this is revolutionary in concept, and I can see it living a while based on its technology and monetary system. Who knows, maybe it will become the competition with Youtube and Facebook, just with the fact that being a part of a community helps you earn "cash" by interacting within it. I am looking forward to being a part of the community and to see how the experience fares over the coming year.

Here is an example article on Steemit:
https://steemit.com/animation/@trinumed ... ject-pavco

And an example video on Dtube:

Files are shared peer to peer server free
Freedom to advertise as you'd like directly with those who want to advertise
Ability to earn from likes, comments, and votes
Censorship based on the community and your audience
Equal publication search/homepage for new and old users (making it hard to go Viral, but nice).
Voting and moderating can earn you cryptocurrency too
Ties in closely with Steemit, a facebook/reddit alternative that allows you earn cryptocurrency also from likes/comments/votes.
You can add thumbnails without being a partner
Development is very fast and the system is already quite polished.

Hard to go Viral
Hard to sign up, first needing your pass keys from Steemit - with slow verification.
Very new and small community (growing though)
Not the best cryptocurrency on the market (position 35 under Doguecoin on the charts right now)
Video uploading has little progress feedback and sometimes fails
Tag Search system is still rudimentary making it hard to find good content
Whales/Dolphins (users with a lot of moderation reputation) can make or break you - which is not necessarily a bad thing.
Suggested videos are still very abstract to the current video
Few controls on videos
Few video formtas
Few tags to search through (as of now)
Very political content at the moment (mostly channels that got shot down from Youtube mostly)
No children-friendly content yet (was Youtube ever?)

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