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Rectangle select tool for workspace

Posted: 11 Nov 2016, 15:47
by stan
This is a tool I've been working on for some time on and off. Thanks to Tomas for his tips I finally got it working.
Learned a lot about matrix math in the process. openGL verses DirectX.

It has the ability to add to and subtract from the selection like the edit tools.

Visually it will be easier to see what is selected with the highlight on as shown in the image.

It uses the object's location as the selection point.

It works in all views seamlessly.

One thing I noticed is group objects must be created at 0,0,0 and moved or the rectangle will find it at 0,0,0 not where it is.

Here is the plugin, it only works in 761b or std.
Run the RectSelect.msi.
A folder will be created in your trueSpace761 with the RectSelect.Rsx and Rectangle Select installer.RsObj.
Install the RectSelect.Rsx then bring the Rectangle Select installer.RsObj into truespace and run script. You will find a new toolbar with the icon to activate the widget. Right click on screen to deactivate. enjoy!
image shows an object just after being deselected in middle.
select from flattened axis.jpg
Axis must be flattened to select from that location.

Re: Rectangle select tool for workspace (coming soon)

Posted: 12 Nov 2016, 08:45
by Emmanuel
Nice tool. Thank you Stan !