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learning jscript

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where is the best source on the web to learn jscript to use with truespace?
thanks for your help.

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Re: learning jscript

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JScript for tS is standard MS Jscript. So the only things you really need to learn that are specific to trueSpace are the name spaces and functions for the tS objects.

Most of the interfaces are listed in the SDK documentation. They are the SDK C++ classes that begin with IRi.

The auto complete feature in the script editor will help you out a lot, so once you know the name spaces you can type them in followed by a . and it will pop up a list of properties and methods associated with that name space. Object creation is handled through the System.CreateDO() function. There's an auto complete for that one as well that will list the valid Data Objects that can be created.

Your best bet is to go through scripts written by others. That way you can learn the interfaces without as much trial and error. Also see my article here:
http://www.truespaceplugins.com/article ... space.html" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
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