AS2 Drag and drop

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AS2 Drag and drop

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I have a drag and drop script for a game I'm building, it works fine for 95% of the game, but one puzzle you can use an Item on 4 possible points ie
I have 4 draggable statues that can go on any combination of 4 pedistals, the player need to find the right order.
for some reason the script sometimes ignores the first or second hotspot, odd times it will work, but on the whole its hit and miss to whether it'll work or not
II'm pretty sure its skipping lines in the code, the main scipt controls inventory etc and I think the drag and drop part is way more complicated than it needs to be
I know how to do a drag n drop in AS3 but it would mean totally recoding the game

Nevermind, tiz sorted

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