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PBR Shaders for trueSpace WS

Posted: 27 May 2015, 19:07
by Draise
I just had a brainwave (after playing around with the shaders making my Back Scatter for the passes).... PBR isn't really set to any engine, they are just shader guidelines and logic.

So, the shaders in the WS I found are very powerful, and DirectX 9, though old, is awesome still - and it will also help me with Direct 11 and 12 if I delve into Unreal - so.. I'm thinking to make another Ultra Shader, but PBR based. Reflections will never be realtime, nor the AO correct, but you could use traditional game methods for that, and simulate some reflection textures with Render to Texture hookups. You could get some beautiful stuff out of it if.. I can make a cool material node that does it all.

These are my base points: from Marmoset.
Marmoset Pbr theory
Marmoset Pbr practice

I think it can be done, knowing the huge shader range of nodes available to me - so.. I just need to do it, and experiment.

Re: PBR Shaders for trueSpace WS

Posted: 27 May 2015, 19:45
by Draise
These are some of the notes and ideas that I need to implement:

1. Albedo (Diffuse Map)
  • a. Metals are dark
  1. i. Metal Toggle (subtract 80%)
  • b. Translucence
  1. i. Epidermis Map/Tint
  • ii. Dermis Map/Tint
  • iii. Subdermis Map/Tint
  • c. Color Tint

2. Energy Conservation 0 - 1 (control everything)
  • a. 0.000 = Bright Diffuse, Very "Rough", not very reflective
  • b. 1.000 = Very reflective, very "smooth", Dark Diffuse
  • c. Overrides Albedo Color Tint, Reflectivity and Roughness/Gloss/Microscatter
  • d. Toggle
3. Reflectivity 0 - 1
  • a. Environment Map
  • b. Reflection map (lighter colors = more reflective)
  • c. Color tint
  • d. Conductive and Non Conductive Toggle and Controls
  1. i. 0-20% Non-conductive
  • ii. 60-90% Conductive
  • e. Diffuse control = Darker Diffuse the higher Reflectivity goes
4. Fresnel
  • a. On Reflectivity
5. Roughness/Gloss/Microscatter
  • a. More rough = blurry reflection, wide specular
  • b. Glossy (less rough) = Sharp Reflection, sharp specular (more reflection = darker diffuse)
  • c. Microscatter Map (Specular Map)
  1. i. Lighter color makes it more glossy
  • ii. Darker makes it rougher
  • d. Normal Maps
  1. i. Map A
  • ii. Map B (Microscatter?)