nSprite2 and Xors3D functions for Blitz3D engine.

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nSprite2 and Xors3D functions for Blitz3D engine.

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Good new, nSprite2 is available for free on MIT license for the Blitz3D engine:

nSprite 2 is a big set of functions for Blitz3D to create 2D graphics using the capability and advantages of 3D cards. The command set is really similar to Blitz2D, making an easy syntax to learn and enabling easy conversion from 2D to 2D in 3D. It can be used anywhere, from making an entire 2D game or to enhance 3D graphics with such thing as HUDs.


2D-in-3D single-surface efficient system, crisp and pixel-perfect images, real-time scaling and rotation, alpha and mask support, animation system, bitmap fonts system, particles system, lighting system, collision system.

Thanks Gosse for this free release :worship:

Download link on the blitzcoder: nSprite2 full: https://www.blitzcoder.org/forum/topic.php?id=305

nSprite2 give you more 2D power under Blitz3D like in Blitzplus, but you can have a better 3D functions with Xors3D engine in Blitz3D, it's a layer on Blitz3D commands that give you the directx 9 features with the power of the basic:


Xors3d is a middleware solution for game developers. However this engine can be used not only for development of games, but for anything from simple visualizations to complex simulations as well. Using Xors3d you're able to construct games of any genre by writing less code in a shorter amount of time. It combines simplicity, flexibility and power.

Xors3d was born as a library which extends functionality of Blitz3d by implementing a DirectX9-rendering. But later it grew into an independent engine. If you are familiar with Blitz3d, you should know how easy to learn it is. Xors3d has inherited the simplicity of Blitz3d. But at the same time Xors3d has a lot of new features which allow to create modern good-looking games and visualizations. It gives the programmers total control over their 3d worlds through an easy to use system of entities.

Download link on Blitzcoder: Xors3D engine full : https://www.blitzcoder.org/forum/topic.php?id=27

Of course you need Blitz3D here: https://nitrologic.itch.io/blitz3d

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