Unreal free??

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Re: Unreal free??

Post by v3rd3 » 06 Nov 2009, 13:49

Benji wrote:The demise of the PC as a gaming platform has been mooted since I first played sonic the hedgehog.

Basically, a few companies have become big poopy pants about the PC because Blizzard is taking all of their revenue. Basically, old-school shooters are on the nose on the PC, and consoles are seen as a better bet for these games. They are also cheaper to develop for and more difficult to pirate.

Yes. There does seem to be an increase in consumption of subscription based gaming. Also, most parents I know who are not technically inclined cannot keep up with the changes in PC technology so going to consoles is a whole lot easier...
Outside of this, RPG's, MMO's and RTS type games still flourish on the PC, and I'm sure shooters will get their turn on consoles, too, once Blizzard or someone else figures out how to get the MMO's into the console market (assuming it wants to).
It really boils down to how long it will take them to make the switch. All they really need is to mod their tools to deploy to multiple environments. At this point it does not seem to be economical for them.

The odd thing in all of this is Starcraft 2 is Windows and Mac only so I don't really know what would slow them down technically... other than Battle.Net being a problem....
I stopped playing shooters on the PC (mostly) a long time ago. I'm not alone. Many guys I know still play old schoolers like CS, if they do play them (but I'm sure MW2 will get a run). It's not really a fun time to be making these types of games on PC. This still doesn't stop people making them.......

And also, you'll find the no server deal with MW2 is more about controlling the delivery of their product (i.e averting software piracy) than a sign that they think the game won't be successful. It will be, despite the decline of the PC as a shooter platform, but perhaps not to the same levels of yesteryear. Blizzard are doing this too with Starcraft 2, and I don't hear anyone saying that this won't be anything other than a major hit on the PC.
I agree with you completely that the issue is entirely controling delivery. I also believe that there is a strong desire to eliminate the competition that modders create. You can either view modders as a group that extend the life of a title or a form of competition delaying the purchase of the next release of the title.

I think MW2 has the focus simply because of its release date and the loss of dedicated servers. As far as I know we are still a ways off on Starcraft 2 and it was deployed on Battle.Net not an open server model.

The changes to delivery in other games have been awful from where I am sitting. The first game that deployed console style multiplayer on the PC that I played was Far Cry 2. There are dozens of gamers in my community that will not buy that title, or any new Ubisoft titles with that mp model.
Back OT: Holy crap, I can now make games with the U3 engine....... :bananacheers:
Yeah! Six years ago when I was working on a deal to set up a game studio they wanted $100,000 US just to let us look at the engine. It's amazing how the world has changed.

I think we are all happy with the release...

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Re: Unreal free??

Post by lothissen » 18 Nov 2009, 18:21

Have a look at the licencing terms. If you release a game comercially they want $99 and 25% of your income if you make over $5000.00.
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Re: Unreal free??

Post by simmsman4 » 01 Dec 2009, 14:20

It's just a smarter way to do business. They know that great games don't have to come from companys with millions of dollars. On the other hand people can't just walk out and spend money on software or engines without it.

Pretty much, if you use their engine and you make a game to sell. Well then you would have no problem buying a copy of their engine. If you just toy around with the engine and never do anything. Then no loss on either side.

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Re: Unreal free??

Post by v3rd3 » 02 Dec 2009, 04:04

When I first started researching game development about 4 years ago you needed $500,000 USD and a solid track record developing games just to broach the subject of a commercial project.

Paying a 25% royalty for the sake of using the Unreal Engine for a commercial release with no dollars up front is a terrific offer.

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